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It's hard to imagine how much money you can have at the end of a career by investing on a regular basis. Since you don't carry around a calculator in your head, use CNNMoney's Savings Interest Calculator to quickly compute the future value of compunded investing.

In just a few seconds you'll see that if you invest, say, $1000 today and follow it up with $1000 a month over the course of a 45-year career, you can end up with $31,303,888, assuming you successfully achieve a 13% compounded annual return.

You'll note that 12 investments a year is $12,000 a year... not impossible... times 45 years that's a total investment of $540,000. Yes that's a lot, but not so much over 45 years. The real magic is investing it right so you get the compound growth that adds almost 31 million dollars to your wealth.

What if you start at 20 years of age and invest until you are 75? Fifty-five years of compound growth is spectacular. How spectacular?

Give the calculator a try:

Can you expect to get 13%? Not in a savings account! But you might with the right investment. Check the Appendix in Secret Wealth... "Is 13% a Realistic Return?"

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